Afternoon Tea

Clean of any fantasy

I walked to the pantry for a cup of strong coffee.

I was very sleepy. What can I do? 

Clear of any expectation

I found a set of coffee powder, sugar and creamer when I usually don’t.

I was lucky if it was that obvious

Dead of hoping

I fixed my misery a cup of that coffee.

I poured in half a tablespoon of all three if that was the right formula

Dead tired of day dreaming

He caught me from the back drinking the coffee half asleep.

Full of curiosity

He asked if I was good for another hour of exhibition aware of my caffeine intolerance.

I was cool.

What can I do but tell a white lie.

Full of tenderness

He offered one round of tea for my daily dose of fatigue.

Awesome if that was to read the bubbles in your head

Out of the blue

He started working his way with small talks

Out of the blue

I was laughing hard and this time my eyes were wide and open

Armed with empathy

He popped out with another two tea bags and gave it to me some time after that day.

Armed with sensitivity

We just had another time spent not talking but understanding the silence that bind us in that afternoon tea.

Drugged and dredged by those afternoon teas.





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