Declaration Of Love

Allow me!

I’ll speak for her

Thy words my heart kept

To whom love’s shed


Unfading memories of everlasting love

As we cherish white lilacs youthful innocence

Emblems with buttercups and marjorams

Under the mistletoe of love



My true love and fidelity

I, who have nothing but pansies and white lily

Rejoicing corianders hidden worth always


Though, I desire a return of affection

I do not spoil a single yellow lily

For my only need is to hand-carry my red tulip

To whom I offer tarragons lasting interest


Along the road you meet daffodil, anemone and sunflower

Please, do not resent life

Instead, stand courageous and firm

That’s the wallflower I loved since


Your lasting beauty radiates all over as it blossoms with gardenia and honey suckle

I know that in the end

Sorrel- affection ignites; you&me

A lily-of-the–valley Forever Love.

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