His kind of fun

Kind Mister drinks the afternoon away with a beer in his hand as he waits for the next hour. He isn’t in a rush though in for a three-mile drive to the city for an afternoon tea with the elderly. It’s spring and he’s in a new city with good food, nice people, sex and a song in the head to lull away his boredom. The smoke of the cancer stick  filled the air with invisible sighs, untraceable plots for a futuristic scenario and a nonexistent sex doll by his side. Usually the thread would be a woman finds a handsome guy alone and thinks his lonely so she’d go and talk to him discreetly but sometimes bitchy, it depends and murmur a nauseating crappy line from a dumb ass movie that could bring his horse’s reign down. And oh boy, he has just found a really fantastic sex doll! And now they’re up for an applesauce party! At the party, this cool guy is just chillin’ in, you know lookin’ around, baskin’ with his dark green eyes ready to bomb and explode. Oh yea, the girl in her flammable, sexy outfit drives this guy to the moon. So, flashy with ecstacy! Let’s dance shall we? or leave the night lonely? said the woman. So this thinking guy thinks. He thinks why not? Sure. Bring it on cow girl! he mumbled in his head. The music is loud and piercing, the party goers and the party jammers are all mixed up in one jazzy, funky, hottie night out in the city with a square-foot space for each. Wow, this is hot and a lot! They dance in a black parade, laughing, screaming, jumping and drinking beer til they roll to the other side of the room. Standing an inch away from each other the swag lady said, “write me a song and sing it for me.” The cool guy said, “Alright, I can do that.” and they’re like now hugging, now kissing, now having sex. Boom! 


He writes a song:


Tonight, I’ll drink my way

to the disco and crash my body

with it’s ear-splitting, high-sounding 

music enough to wake the six sleepers in me

cos I’m bored, this girl I’m with she drives me,

she lets me and I’m lucky but I’m bored. I’m bored.

 I’m just bored. The world is loud and I hear you

Oh and the girls are pretty too! The beer, the booze, the hot shakes

and lots of sexy dolls too oh my! They take me but it’s a mystery cos I’m bored.

My tongue is numb, my body too but my head it shrieks it roars

I’m bored.  But we dance, hug, kiss and I’m still bored so

I drink the night away to drown me; make me forget the world

cos the fun is in my head  & I need not pretend! When they tell me to fuck I fuck but fuckin’ is no fuckin’ good when your heart is not fuckin’ too so

Lemme’ fuck the night away to lull this bad memory and fuck, just fuck

cos this fuck is a fuck and I just have to fuckin’ suck!




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