Go ahead and love some more

A heart is a muscle

Powerful when in use








Don’t let it stifle

Don’t let it shut

Don’t let it rust

For with each loss,

The muscles duplicate

some more.

Consider yourself a castle

When pilgrims stand and

Throw stones at the gate,

Open the drawbridge

Let them in.

If they hurt you with gifts

And leave

Close the gates

for the days of mourning


When the next traveler stands and knocks

On the same gate,

Open the drawbridge to let her in

Take her gifts and

Let her stay.

Like a castle with muscles

Reconstruct yours with the hardest stones;

The grandest walls

To prepare for the great shows


Like muscles in the heart

Rebuild more robust muscles;

More resilient walls

To take the most painful acid blows.

For you Darling,

Let doubt visit but not sleep

Let fear peep but not live

Let worry leaves you

For in every pain; every loss


Make a stand to

Just go ahead and

Love some more.




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