My heart ; the astronaut ♥

People don’t seem to notice                   how the moon’s shadow                     invites me to go out of my room-         gaze at her again.                                     Every night her light would wrap the old tree outside my window. She’d reflect a play of a scary monster or a dancing beauty on my wall. Her hands seek me out; they pull me back to that platform I once held for a visit to her in space; she wants me to gravitate.  We fly.          

Then one night I can’t get out of my bed so I call her out “Moon, my legs are tied on my bed. I can’t fly to you tonight. Not tonight.” I sob helplessly in my bed. See me; how I dare to lose it with the daring moon.                                                                In my head,” I’ll never be needy again.”                                  

In that fateful night, the moon ceases to shine bright, she hides behind the clouds and leaves the whole town lonely. I am A-l-o-n-e- in my bed waiting for her shadows, playing with my own fingers in the dark, laughing at the blinding cover of the night by myself again. But no. I will not be clingy!  No.        

No more visits no more waiting no more wanting. No more, I know. 


I am an astronaut!

There’s only one that feeds the heart of an astronaut. It’s that Moon and her cold space.

So I quickly wear my suit and my helmet, run to my rocket and fly. 

Imagine me without a helmet on. Out there. I won’t falter. I’ll live along with the lifeless. I’ll afloat around the moon and she’ll shine back at me. 

This heart will no longer bleed for her absence. 

Because her absence is my helmet and I can breathe. 

Now pouring her light at me. The moon and I together in space.


What a wonderful dream!

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