My shower of a lifetime 🚿

I would take a shower with a  bottle of goats milk, a bar of papaya soap, a sachet of shampoo, Zac toothpaste, a body scrub and the cosmic thoughts of you that will traverse far from here to there.


This bottle of goats milk was needed to soften and neutralize all judgments thrown and lathered when I stayed beside you and gave you not a house but a cozy home to rest for free. 

To scrub my body with loofah was like removing a quarter of stain from the memory of you. Like blades of grass bereaved by the gleaming drops of the night’s dew when you yanked my worth easily.

Papaya soap to whiten not my skin but the streak of feeling emotionally divorced with you after our prolonged lustful kiss but denied a peaceful made up when we juggled more fights in a row.

11 mL of shampoo could murder any uninvited pesky parasite from adding flesh to my already sewn disquietude when you killed myself who adored you.

Zac toothpaste to disinfect my mouth from the unwanted taste of your estranged lips when you lied to me incessantly.


A good body scrub to disown every dead skin cell that painted my body after I let you be its painter when I trusted you and you cared less.

All these I’d do to break free from our bondage when you gave up on us and left me in that house full of dreadful scenes.


Thank you.

Because in every shower I took, I learned to read every packet I bought in the supermarket carefully to avoid using the wrong product for my body and self. 

To observe the expiration dates for a much safer and healthier bath in life if you decided to leave me any time of day.

To check for  health benefits to avoid a more aggressive and defective partner in the shower room daily. 



To listen more to other people’s testimonials based on every product used and ordered for guidance in decision-making.

All these

To enjoy a perfect shower in this life full of hazardous and toxic products.


I realized

I couldn’t settle anymore for any thing non-biodegradable to stay and consume my life filled with intense love and exciting showers.

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