Romance is not for the sociopath

There are flowers, coffee  dates, watching movies, adventures and a football game.

But romance is not for the sociopath.

Then, there are friends hang outs, club hopping, a stag party and a goodbye being single happy-happy.

But love is not for the sociopath.

One day you feel so wonderful cos he tells you “you’re beautiful” and he thinks your “brain is bountiful. You feel there’s more to it than mere ellipses but for him simply it’s one clear dot. Just that.

Romance is truly not for the sociopath.

Later you get by the thought and start a new day then suddenly here he comes with juicy surprises and you believe maybe this is it.” In love he is”.

But oh dear!

Imagination flies,

words become mere blackholes, and

reality cramps.


Love and romance are not for the sociopaths.

Now you cry now you don’t but please stop. Just stop.



Romance is not for the sociopath.



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