a safer net that is;

the rope in

the tug of war 

Of two extremes.

the connecting

Bridge of the opposites.

The term in between.


It’s the

‘And’ for my conjunction


‘Between’ n your preposition.

It’s choosing the ‘better’ of good n’ best.

And your ‘B’ to complete A,B,C.

It’s when you say ‘I’m fine’ instead of happy n sad.

Like the sugar for your coffee n cream,

And the gap n between your teeth.

It’s YOU in front of a mirror,

The only ‘HOPE’ in love n hate!



Pride n Prejudice 

Sense n Sensibility

War n Peace

These antithetical terms

somewhere, someone adheres





Average n


the catch basin of the word 

“Mediocrity” where

vacuum stays in between TIME n SPACE. 

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