There is much more truth than you are blind to

night after night, a greasy man slept outside his store.

Thinking about his misfortune

The owner stood by the door and

Threw him icy cold bucket of water.

The greasy man surprised as he was

Jumped to his feet and crazily ran so fast.

Today, the owner opened his door and saw the greasy man slept on his doorstep

So angrily without looking, he drove the greasy man away with his broomstick

And hungrily without talking, he scurried away frighteningly.

The next day, when the owner saw the greasy man dreaming outside his doorstep,

The owner yelled at him f##k you!

The greasy man was left in awe and lowered his eyes and ran haphazardly.

Feeling satisfied and dignified, the owner raised his eyes proudly.

And everyday, the two spent a cycle of reproach and impenitence.

Til one day, the greasy man ceased to come by the night.

Then some more nights

as in forever.

And in those days and nights of not seeing and fighting and pestering, the owner felt a sense of displacement.

The shop owner next to his store noticed him feeling anxious on that day.

She told him, “He’s gone.”

Confused of what those words mean,

He wondered what could’ve happened to him.

That night before he left for home, he checked the store’s cctv footage from day 1 to the greasy man’s last night.


the owner saw how the greasy man threw an empty bottle of water to the guy who wanted to vandalized his walls. The same way the owner threw him his litter.

He watched how the greasy man in his condition had thought of picking the trash that others threw outside his shop. So that in the morning he didn’t have to sweep and sweat.

He saw how the greasy man ran after the guy who urinated his doorstep.

yet all he did was accuse and judge a friend with his looks and smell. 

Then in the last footage, he saw how his friend fought and wrestled with the men who wanted to steal from his store.

Those multiple punches that landed his face, the kick that knocked him down while the burglar crushed his feebled body with his feet, those strong hands who banged his head on the wall as if it was the best thing to do and the small knife that sent him to his death bed.

It was amazing they all sounded louder, louder than his cry for help but no one heard, no one helped

no other witnesses and

Nobody knew.


As insignificant as he is  was his death.


yet the owner could only afford a tear for his friend.









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