Not a Melancholic afternoon

I stared at the wind when it was blowing gently

I couldn’t hate the sea when it danced at the wind’s melancholic gust

Somehow the shore no matter how dramatic the sea had become

Still was able to embrace the splash of tears she contained

I loved the pleasantry beyond aesthetics

More so when I remained at bay for my heart to afloat at sea

At times I wished to be the sand under the Sea

Safe, serene, low key

I imagined you chasing the waves

In this melancholic afternoon 

And as you plunged

Your hand held a little of that sand

It was wet, loose and ephemeral

I wanted you cover it with your other hand

Raised it higher

then kept your legs balanced

It could rain anytime

Some jellyfish could touch your skin; could make you itch

The sun could burn your sensitive skin or

Other surfers could bump you; could make you loose your footing

Til the sand dripped off your hands; disappeared

My love,

I didn’t like to imagine you and me feeling sorry for that sand

Though we knew nothing of the unknown; Fear

May we find ourselves standing

Holding the little sand together

Keeping it intact

Protecting them as we move

For in those little bliss of sand

Is where our little home stay.


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