Boracay Blues

There was a time on the beach

When I cradled the pale granules

My eyes probed at the crumbs

And audited them blank spaced

As I sat on the shore’s lap 

So much so I burrowed a hole in the sand

To bury the agony I lodged

Along with the icy wind at night.

The sea surveyed the tourists around

And the wind exhaled to me ‘Come, bathe with the sea.’

Under the star less

Moonless dark sky

I made love with the cold yet alluring sea

With the old as time light house from afar, the bleaching lights beyond and the envious little boats as our only eyes; our witnesses 

To this maddening, impassioned and intense subservience. 

Thoughts of you crept into my old-fashioned heart; I felt betrayed. 

I reckoned I found your remnants unwelcoming in my so cold ‘mayday hour.’

Yet again the same thoughts of you had let me live. 

and I wished 

With all these senseless objectivity and rationalization 




You could picture me being one significant dot in your life filled with stars and constellation



I knew you never wished upon a star. 









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