Closet clothes

Go! Arrange yourselves uniformly!

From color to sizes to beauty and age

I’d like this closet free of clutter

So call your friends on the floor ; they’re lazy not amiable

Why’s Maria hanging loosely on the chair? Tell her to come over or I’ll yell at her.

Don’t forget to dry yourselves before sleeping in the closet or I’ll sentence you to death and give you away

Oh what about you tattered jeans,  seriously what’s with the angry look? I’m not interested so style yourself and clean your space!

All towels, undies and pajamas must be in the right order in the drawer. Don’t run around lil ones cos you’re favored by me. Else I’ll beat you with my stick and you’ll know I’m strict. 

Go arrange yourselves neatly in the closet or I’ll bargain you for a dollar in a garage sale!

Go make yourselves comfortable

Snappy, snappy, snappy like a military!


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