Give me a break NOT breaking

People shrouded in mystery are alluring

Cos secrets are always an awakening

Of something you’ve been looking

Which the heavens find amusing

To drop you your yearning

For in those years of mourning

You’ll be given cosmic blessing

From the angels whose hearts are breaking

To see you not smiling

When you are supposed to be wandering

Not dismantling

Your self from a devious musing

Stuck in reminiscing

A memory from a previous wanting 

And needing

Of a man who’s completely affecting

Your self-trusting

and your side of intense love-giving.

Now you are only left with hundreds of wishing

Of not dreaming

Not hoping

Not expecting

Something like this occurring

In your life in a way that’s beyond repairing


You spend your life loathing







For life to end this cold-heart making.

I know I need helping

In order to keep on living


And not just guessing

This romance chapter-ending.

May that one other man who keeps on pushing 

His way to my heart’s undivided note-taking

Of despairing

Will be realizing

That I too am deserving

Of a love that’s absolutely satisfying



and compelling

Especially for this heart of mine that’s certainly unforgiving.

So please give me a break NOT breaking.











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