Too bad you’re missing the innuendo 🔥

Don’t think I “don’t get” it cos I’m sure I do.

Maybe I’m not buying it pretty sure you know.

Trying to play it cool to catch me or you

In this short play of veiled sexual innuendo.

Don’t even think; don’t even wonder

Cos I look forward to it as much as you do

It’s fun to play it like a pro

To test how descriptive and exciting your mind can go

To images hidden in front of you.

‘i think eating dark chocolate is sexy, would you like to give it a go?’

‘why don’t we trace your curves by pouring wine to your body with that favourite black tees of yours?’

‘I’m not so sure if you can dare try tossing vanilla ice cream mouth to mouth then head to toe’

Too bad you’re missing the innuendo

Or maybe you don’t take it as much as I do.

‘oh I like what you said ; show me how it’s done. I’d like some adrenaline-pumping actions just so you know ‘

‘perhaps you’ve seen this movie and it’s boring let’s start thrusting and work on it blow by blow’

‘try to uncork this red wine and let’s refresh the night I need to heat it up to sleep at night’

‘i bought three bottles of beer cos I want those bouts of acoustic music to slow rock then hard-core if you’re not in a jiffy just say so’

‘call me now and let’s do the hot trick somehow’

Hush hush honey I wouldn’t like you skip your meal and get so skinny

I hope you’re quick to guess it to get it

Or else the bubble of limbo will get to you

It’s too bad you say,

Too bad I’m missing the innuendo.

Or maybe I’m not playing it as much as you do.




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