Stop this nonsense now

 Too much self-pity;

insecurities have driven you

all dirty in a game called

touch and stain

So much for trying to reach

the bullet train on a platform

that’s thrice farther than your 


Stop this nonsense 

cos you have just become a pathetic

rubber made in a crowd 

of parasitic nobodies

Don’t buy that sewing machine it

won’t mend you anyway

You see  

stop this nonsense it’ll

take you somewhere

far incomprehensible

than today

Don’t look for his shirt on a sale

full of assorted clothes

you won’t find him there 

neither will he find you in

a store filled with nothing

to spare

stop filling your neatly woven basket

with things like despair

he will only look at you triple

with a big laugh of

your pain

so stop this nonsense

that’s the damnedest thing to do

Now just stop 

this nonsense

I’m telling you what to do

before he does it so. 

come on make up your mind

and don’t just try

to get yourself a fix.

I repeat 

stop this mischief now

or you’ll lose your way

around this


just stop it,

Will you?




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