Why I travel alone

there’s a reason why I travel alone.

there’s a ritual i’d like to do alone.

hotel accommodations don’t matter

that much for

I’m a cow girl as much.

To travel is to date myself;

To date the one I hid somewhere

To date that girl suppressed deeper

To date the woman I disowned since

To date the mother I became

To date the whore he made me

To date the forgotten child within me

To date the teen gal they hated

To date the girlfriend she tried to be

To date the man in her

To date the rebel beside her

To date the friend you rejected

To date the ‘me’ I neglected.

Whether she travels short or long

far and wide

happy or sad

lucky or just mad

She has her reasons why she travels alone.


She must fall in love with herself again to see the world anew.


or else,

Death within her is but lucid.


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