Blindfolded by his indifference

Found a man in the street of vague and ambiguity

I called and said hi cos it was a radiant day

But there was only radio silence

When I didn’t hear him say a sentence.

I moved closer to where he was

Intrigued by the way he responded

Then I saw he was blindfolded

Deprived to see the multitudes of the earth cos he was blinded.

Blinded by different dimensions

In a world that taught him nothing but strict defense and senseless rejections.

He could hear my voice so I told him various stories

One was of a girl who tried to put the rainbow in a bottle to keep her happy all day

Another was of an old man who complained why he couldn’t pull his rickshaw one day

Next was of a man who threw black pepper dust on air so others could sneeze and fear the day

Then he laughed so hard I wondered

Because those were stories of success, strength and beautiful struggles.

So I asked him why and he answered

“I’m glad I was blindfolded not to see their sadness

In a world ruined by madness.”

That moment I realized why he was blindfolded

Not by fate

But by free will —

He was happy for his eyes concealment.

All throughout he chose to be indifferent.

And never looked the other way.



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