I shopped in his heart for something worth waiting

Waited your heart’s store to open

Be the first customer to yank it open

Excited to look for the things I’d be buying

To see if I could fit your heart’s branded clothing

Elated to find the appropriate fashion

But made me exclaimed when you weren’t meant for selling

So I bargained with your heart’s trusted salesman

To find out if you were mine for the taking

Then I got sad when he responded “I’m sorry Ma’am, he’s not in for the bargain.”

Though I felt depressed at his refusal, my eyes glistened for the year-end special

Maybe then your heart would undress from the mannequin and

Be displayed among the assorted or discounted items

Ready for me in case, I did my next window shopping.

For now, I need to look for your heart’s special offers

To know if promos, raffle draws and marked down items are available

In case fate will bring us closer, I must know your heart’s valued services and grand offers.

I must admit I don’t make much money.

So I wary your heart might be bought by other extravagant buyers or stolen by shop lifters.

And be left with nothing but the smell and the lonely image of your heart on that hanger.

But my love,

My heart too, prayed for that golden pot at the end of the rainbow.

If a miracle will pour on me,

I wish this time, your heart’s ready for my sincerest taking.

Not for free

Not through credits and

Definitely not for a bargain.


But for love meant  for two hearts who patiently waited.

Only then I’ll thank god for shopping in your heart with nothing only to have something worth waiting.

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