Oh really, you wanted to know me?

He spoke words..

From the language of the swords.

But she rolled her eyes…

Because she wanted rice.


Noisy, as if no choice..

He scolded the boys.

He wanted a discourse..

She accepted without remorse.



He invited her out..

She took his bout.

He began his litany..

She started her mutiny.


He said listen to me..

She reckoned his angry at me.

He adjusted his voice ..

She did rejoice.


He sat on the couch..

She grabbed a retouch.

He reached for a touch..

She thought she shouldn’t slouch.


He was so manly..

She composed herself womanly.

He laid his cards auspiciously..

She contemplated audaciously.


He cleared his intention..

She gave all her attention.

He showed his sincere disposition..

She was intrigued by his passion.


He asked to check her comprehension..

She was intelligent to break down his conceptualization.

He received a great deal of her rhetoric..

She laughed at his mood as it was cryptic.


He was so drawn by her conundrum..

She was mystified by his decorum.

He leaned over to catch his leaping heart..

She pushed him back to get his willing heart.


It was amusing how they ended up

Falling in the arms of love

At the startling write-up

Of their delectable true love.




Really, you wanted to know me.





2 thoughts on “Oh really, you wanted to know me?

    • Well, he isn’t.

      This was written to show how a person could spite someone amidst his/her good intentions. All because we refuse to acknowledge them and their purpose in our lives. Talk about being insincere and childish sometimes. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. πŸ˜‚


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