We were on a halt

Opened our lost messages

Checked the tiniest fragrance we had left

on the days when we were sober and free

Like a free verse in poetry

Still I laughed at our fancy deals;

Both the casual and the formal

I wished we could go back

Back to that moment

That moment when the thrill was so expensive

we wouldn’t want to let it go.

We were on a halt.

Or maybe not.

But we were fading away..

Like one click and all memories

would vanish into the mist;

buried six feet underneath

And perhaps there wouldn’t be a way

to resuscitate what we had back to what it was like.

The thirst for each other has receded

like flood water being pumped out

to open clogs and fan air.

Time used to be expensive. It still is now.

Before we could still afford to save

a little of our precious time to

seal some of our precious moments.

But now everything has gone up.

Then there is not enough demand,

and yet one is still supplying.

The market is close to a recession;

It’s depressing because it’s an indefinite altercation.

The banks might declare bankruptcy

since the client is deliberately withdrawing his money

leaving the other depositor unattended.


If we could go back…

But if we couldn’t,

well the earth stays on its orbit,

the stars don’t pluck on its own

and you are still you. And I still am.

We have outgrown each  other

We have outplayed ourselves.

Perhaps if we couldn’t go back,

I guess It’s about time we grow apart.

To restore your ‘peace mind’ that was disturbed

when circumstances allowed us to get closer

After all, we used to be like that.

We don’t own who? or what?




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