‘too good to be true’ we were.

On a scale of ten being the highest

in the ‘accountability spectrum’

We got eight past the average.

We spoke with intimacy and suspense…

But maybe not with clarity.

It sounded like a cheap pill

for a strange thrill

on the first trimester fill.

The floor was mopped.

The wet rug was sieved.

the dirt water reversed.

The ship careened

when you steered

further your stead.

Everything in shambles

cos you were quite a ‘nice guy’

when I was ghosted,

I couldn’t complain.

It was very strategic

To block your ears

the adult way

as you went like la la la la la

Perhaps, it’s the new trend now.

Not to hear; only give the stat ‘seen’.

Ha ha ha ha quite an early treat

for me this Halloween.

Don’t worry I got the hint

It was just off and funny 

The way it was done

How you could have chosen

to be a human

and NOT a ghost—unseen.

Say a Trick or Treat!!!







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