No trash talk please!

He looks at me with hungry eyes             Oh boy, you gotta be in a rush.

He gives me that sinister smile                 Oh my, I don’t want your lust.

He talks to me like candy pops           Well, don’t mess up with me… I’m a gangster!

He likes to booty call me                            Oh so do you wanna see your mommy?

He shows his crabby biceps                 Sorry but go see your auntie!

And even boast his tailored six-pack abs Grab some popcorn, they don’t interest me!

He wishes to bed me every time            Lol, are you outta your mind?

He wants to figure skate in my lips         To give him the hot cheeks               Sorry, kids are not welcome!

He pushes me to the side of the wall   Damn! Do you need a psychiatrist?

He thinks I’m his sex doll                      Boy, I think you need a bunch of seminar!

He said he wants to date me and give me all the goodies                                               Oh little boy, I’m no beggar so quit playing games with me.

He promises me to be his only one     Nah, are you kidding me? 

He loves me that’s what I heard     Geeze.. I’ll whip you enough to cut you and your banter!

He wants to marry me                             Now that’s absurd!


Just don’t!

Or I’ll slit you with a scythe from navel to nose!

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