It was Saturday and I slept all day. I woke up at 4pm to eat.

At 6pm, Mom called me for dinner but I wasn’t hungry.

So I slept again cos I was tired.

As in really tired.

Suddenly I woke up at 12 midnight. I looked for some food in the fridge. I couldn’t find any and mom didn’t spare my meal earlier cos she knew I wouldn’t eat it so she gave it to tiger, our dog full of angst.

I found some flour, milk and a chocolate syrup so I made myself a tasty pan cake and a cup of great taste coffee.DSC_0449.JPG

I don’t know after cooking I suddenly went out to the laundry area at the back of our house and took a bath with nothing on. I’m not sure at the moment if I was very much awake til the cold and icy water sifted in my pores. And the wind blew and touched my skin. And I realized wow, I’ve never been this alive at midnight!

And then a question suddenly got me as if I was having a fine argument with my other self:

what the heck was that April?

Why, what did I do?

Waking up, cooking when you weren’t even hungry then, took a deadly bath outside your house!

What you did was crazy!

Then I said, of course not, that was cool! Awesome! πŸ˜‚

Let’s try that next time..

Then after a while of cooling off, I got some time to think about it, what I did really surprised me then I started to freak out!

Me, taking a bath outside our house, in an open space with nothing on at midnight. I could have done it in the bathroom in our house. Hmm.. I hope nobody saw me standing there.

??? 😜


-Poem –

Arrested by the spell

From the sleep that

Burnt the sounds

Of everything around me

Quieting the move I made

Unnoticed my own actions

Digging for something

I didn’t know what

Finding myself naked out in the back

Still didn’t know how creepy this could get

When at the count of three

I knew I just couldn’t scream at midnight

Starless, windy, cold and intense

Bewildered by my own actions

I don’t know if I could eat what I cooked.


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