When you travel carry me with you

Learning to fly & kiss the sky

in order

to spin a dream & write to the sun.

let me

lay down my loads & touch the wind;


the birds are there to chant & sing.

smell the flowers & the trees

then try to

look up the clouds not just the ground


you only hold what you can &

leave what you can’t.

I punch the wind to wake him up

hoping he’ll expedite the message I have.

“when you travel carry me with you”

you manage to squeeze all in the bag

to make sure there’s no back log

Off you go without looking

Enthusiastic of the flight & the flying.

“when you travel carry me with you”

Sometimes I wish if a room is spared

for me to take;

to share the hush & the rush

among the whitest puffs

Removed from the turbulent whiz

Of raging rocks banging heads

And fly without the sinning sense

Of wanting a floating Benz


Overlooking my obsession

That once dismissed my rendition.




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