Strong Atheist

The Atheist.

either he personally knows God or denies his existence.

Throw all your faith in the dumpsters of putrid flesh for there’s no platform for which faith is anchored upon.

Let the vultures collect your veil of certainty, ravage them up in the sky like flags of presumed judgment to which a belief is buried flat on the surface tenement.

Investigate. Unearth facts from solid grounds and if you find proof of such a dent, discovery, dissuade, expostulate what you’ve found until God himself will cry a drop. Then, dismiss.

What you believe doesn’t matter.

Truth does.

Be that nefarious son who’s proud. He who refuses to accept ignorance and refute all there is and he is to be in dominion, defy the Creed. For absolutism is obsolete such that they carry deleterious substance in our quandary of existence.

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