My dear, I love you ever without reserve


Ever wonder how I catch every pigment of your glitter glue eyes at the nook of my eyes falling right through the balance of my eyelids?

In the hottest fit, I could have wriggled at your pants meandering leafs on top of your naked kill. I couldn’t believe how this brain repose attacks me with profuse adoration towards you.

My dear, I love you without reserve. When I let the walls hear, the floor tickles, the dam ruptures, the clouds stir wine and rain on us, I knew, so much so much have been given in lyrics and in poetry for that madness of kissing and unpredictable transport to Eureka. 

The pedestal

The altar

The throne

all bring in an entourage of lavender, tulips and a Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume arching your depths and truths in love.

I feel like I’m a bartender throwing clay against the ceiling instead of hard liquor for this insanity built up by the cynical-love-smile I imagine of owning; you are.

You are Sin. And I feel like an absolute virgin.

I love you without reserve, My flirty and kinky man-whore of my dreams.

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