How can I make your day better?

This question.

A change, perhaps, we all need.

Asking the one person we truly love ‘what can I do to make your day better?’

Like a Creed.

A mantra 

A gift

A prayer

A change in perspective

A dive in new relationship methodology

Because true love is to desire one’s happiness not the person him/herself.

In a fight

When you thought that shouting is praying

But no. It isn’t.

When you’re grumpy

In boredom

When you’re tired and lost

In sickness

When you’re drained and lonely

In happiness

All the way to success.

Sometimes we say nothing.

No. You can’t do anything.

Don’t say anything 

I don’t want to hear it

Don’t ask me

You’re supposed to know it


Worth a million dollar Hollywood rom-com.


Self-sacrifice still is the key.

You love

She loves

One love.

How can I make your day better?

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