Confessions of two erotic strangers

W: (chuckles over beer in his flat) so when was the last time you had sex?

M: I can’t remember it quite well. But it could be over six months… (touching his brows as he grins)

W: seriously? That was like six years ago! (chuckling and teasing him with utter seduction)

M: oh yeah so you’re laughing at me huh? (talking with a similar seduction and showing his eyes filled with mischief )

W: No. No. I’m not. In fact, I like it. (she smiles softly and sweetly because she’s guilty and wants to make it up with him)

M: (moving closely toward her with a biting air of desire wanting to beat her out of confession) Really sweetheart? You like it?…

W: (pumping blood and pounding heart) yes. I miss it. I like knowing that you haven’t had sex that long.. (as she responds meekly)

M: (flushing neck and cheeks in the dark) why?..only inches away from her praying lips.

W: (gasping for air with an open mouth) she is melting like a pool of ice-cream enclosed in a sauna… He’s very irresistible so she kisses him first.

Oh, this is going to be a fight under the moonlight.. Tipsy but sober…he wouldn’t want to miss this one either..

W: Are you surprised that I kissed you?

M: nope. Not at all. Damn it. I miss it too!


You and me.

We’ve just met and now

I’m in your place.

Talking this sweet nonsense. 

Wondering how it’s like to be wild sometimes. 

Like a bitch like a hooker 

Who leads you to a slutty conversation 

Here at night..with the moon kissing the darkness first…

And the stars singing the hymns and lighting the sheets of clouds as their mattress .. 

This beer,

the setting,

the daring lines,

the inviting touches and

the moment..

To get real and 

Be real.. 

We’ve been waiting for this.

But tomorrow,

Let’s just say.. 

We don’t remember this. 




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