Skyflakes: snipers

Two people born competitive

Two friends excelled their destiny

Armed to win the war zones

Driven by a shoot to kill order

Determined to make a head shot

Locked within their firing range shots

300 meters

400 meters

500 meters

To die for the country was a tag

Self-sacrifice was a ritual

Two deferring beliefs

On how to kill a target

The first would kill holding his breath

The other would murder breathing his vein

Two friends

Scarred by the works of the past

Betrayed by their ambitious lust

For power

Strength and


Sniper 1 hallucinated his judgment thru his guilty shot

Sniper 2 took a considerable heart before dropping a bullet

Both once served their country til the drapes of dawn brushed

Yet only one remained a faithful servant.

Died wishing under the flaked sky. 

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