Except in my sleep 😩

I’m tired. But I don’t want to sleep at night. My eyes, they complain; botched. But I dare not close them. I drink coffee as black as coal so it burns me then, I can feast with the ashes so sleep will run away and hide.

Sleep — i’ve never been so brave to embrace you. 

I’m exhausted running after you so you won’t visit me at night, in my naps, or during the day. Sleep– I refuse to see you because I’m too tired to entertain you.

If I could shut my brain from within, tell it not to let you in so there won’t be a bad dream or an hour of sleep walking. 

I heard of sleep paralysis. 

Perhaps, I wish it to dawn on me; eyes broken. Because I don’t want to sleep. 

Sleep — please don’t let me sleep… 

I feel I become more tired when I sleep with you. 

Today I took over-the-counter meds to hold my heavy-duty eyes longer so they won’t succumb to steal you and fall asleep. 

My body has changed, pimples are seen, my mind is restless and my heart’s becoming a weakling. 

I know.

I’m angry at you, sleep! Because you’re seducing me to date you in my deepest thoughts. 

But I don’t want you to. 

I said I don’t want to. 

Awake! I slap my face to be awake! 

Move away from me!

Flee somewhere far off..

Sleep don’t make me beg.. 

Please don’t turn me your own victim… 

I’d rather be exiled; seeing things than sleep and meet your darting eyes to get me to


Just sleep… 

I’m weary. 

Tired, restless and exhausted 


I dare not see you in my sleep. 

So, let me lie awake.. 


Meet me somewhere 

Except in my sleep. 




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