The world that can’t understand




can’t understand.

ROCKS are not spared 

to the Self that’s left

jabbed and nabbed by

vicious men.

Conflict brings forth


gagged by seven million voices

flattened, lost and deprived of air

til suffocation numbs the soul-starved

with the dimensional food severed by the unquenchable water saturated with rock salt. We are dying..

WORDS uttered in run on sentences–

tormenting the prisoner within the hallowed, thorns disguised as meek flowers wrapping the prison cell where demons creep in every corner like venomous leeches gliding over rotten rib marrows and rancid tendons murdering halcyon breaths. We are doomed.


like cannibals grudgingly feasted  on civilians til air becomes flare and clouds become fire devoured every being left for slander, for cyber-bullying and rape and murder –Humans are no less than the animals abandoned to die in the arms of these paid mercenaries.

Listen–the Earth is talking.

Look– Light is crippled but still fighting.

Stop– God wants to show you something.


we hear words but not music.

we listen to religious preaching but not to true spirituality

We abandon love and welcome sickness

We read poetry without the heart

We speak in tongues but deaf-mute of flirtatious overtones cultivated by  this humanity

We break promises and expect trust

We nurture hate and we denigrate

We cry for pain but we don’t seek help

We want instant life, jobs and fortune but, we procrastinate.

Always segragated; labelled by skin, by intellect and by one’s philosophy

We shout for freedom but we have not freed our prejudices, caprices and pride

So obtuse this paradox of this human life in this inhumane world.

Yet a lot still lust for blood

for pillage,

for war 

for greed

 for scorched corpses





of this


can never understand…

each other’s strife and discord.


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