I could finally hear them from my bedroom

Those cries for a reaching hand and a mobilizing body 

their screams sounded like hovering skeletons which

stabbed my eardrums in a mug of beer filled with sparkling effervescence

Broken ribs and peeled guts for an iota of sustenance

And a plea for HELP!

But such a word was big –as big as the whole darn world.

Dark, grey and sometimes jaundice

stocked with folks of whites, blacks and browns like sardines in tin

At times I wished to be a militant

blowing off the heads of the vengeful Politicos

who wanted nothing but a ‘suck–tion’ of gold coins and banknotes

from the taxes axed and toiled by the masses.

I thought about becoming that radical change

Pursuing peace and dismissing ridicule

Amongst the eyes blinded by disdain and stinging sarcasm

 hearts gargled by irrepressible skullduggery

Feeding the hungry mouths of the poor

and not the sneering liver of the rich

Then I resorted to dream an idealist

calling the shots a council between equals

swinging our eyes left to right

and round the clock

to witness the world inviolate.

If we did so


 we needed a  revolutionary.

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