Please (don’t) linger in me..

Can you hear my sad monologue?

about you, you, you..

Those words spoken only for us to blame; us, us, us

Your name becomes so beautiful a pain every time I call it

Yet it’s still you, you, you.


you frown in love when I run in your head

How could i even have such lingering thoughts about you?

so please don’t think of  me, me, me.

don’t reminisce about me, me, me.

Farewell only happens once 

But why does yearning visit me a lot?  

heard you have thrived in this new life..

Stay that way even though,

I haven’t remembered you, you, you

Never in every single chance.

Please don’t linger so much in me..

I will not ask you to redo our previous love.

I just wish you, you, you

to please don’t linger in me, me, me.

I don’t love you.

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