Will you remember me in sunrises and starry nights?

What if today will be our last? Will we have it all to last? And if really this moment will surpass the rhapsody that lulls the moon, will we make most out of what we only have?

Will you remember me when you stare at the starry clouds at night? Wishing to touch my bones; touch my soul?

It would be cold to stay in the attic arching face up to me with the moonlight and stars..

Will you remember me billowing and reaching for your own fanciful eyes..

Touching skin; touching hearts? 

Will you remember me tomorrow with the silken sunrise? 

When the rain gives plenty of vigor to blooming baskets of flowers and lay bare stricken by the rays of the welcoming sun, will you remember me even in your whimsical hour as you eat your breakfast facing the stairs of greens and luscious mints? 

Sincerely will you remember me in sunrises and starry nights..

Touching me; touching love? 

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