Why I avoid the alleys lights out

Mom used to tell me not to walk; not to run in dark alleys and rough pavements 

Monsters they lie but not procrastinate. 

White vans stop and pick toddlers up,

Yellow eyes spying for lily purses and bouncy wallets, 

Hairy men clad in white washed jeans with guns tucked in the skinny waist 

Silent now is the darkest path 

Removed of the nuance; It kicks my tail in the butt 

—No. I’ve outgrown this and thought this a myth.

Afraid am I in the dark alleyways 

Coz a man of elite beginning might—

Swirl round with a locked screw 

Disguise a savior til his back peels off 

His words like gun pellets 

His hands are drunken cunts forcefully whip and drag and scatter my 

Everything underneath. 

…the alleyways lights out.

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