I miss you

I miss you.

I look forward to our every day

To see you every time

To seek you every where

To walk past you or talk to you;

I miss you

Even when I give just little glimpses

From the corner of my eyes

I yearn to make longer conversations, share jokes and warm little nudges with you.

I miss you; only you.

Your eyes they drown me.

I make my laughter crisp so it gets into your soul

To hear your approval of the sad melody it brings

 Listen to the sound—

The sound of it that longs for you

I’m sad because I like you.

But I and You are words far apart.

I strive to leave a mark wanting you to notice it

To ask me so I can hand carry this feeling of missing you daily

I miss you because I love you.

Let me call and text you, message you online

And ask you about random stuff for this is

How I self-medicate.

I miss you earnestly.

I yearn for you because;

I can only love you between soft glances and innocent chuckles.

I miss you.








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