My Tactic; My Strategy

Knowing that the world is big

And you are hard to suppress,

I have convinced myself to work with me

since our mouths are still

too big to be filled with grapes.

My tactic is to switch on my X-ray vision

to look at you and examine your behavior.

Learning who you are 

Leaning on how you are 

Loving you at the same time.

So, my tactic is;

I don’t know in what context

should I start my remix

Perhaps I’ll work on

Talking to you and

Listening to you in order to

make a double bridge that enjoins us–

two separate conundrums.

Well then, let it be my tactic

To gather magnificent souvenirs from 

our memories though

I am not sure to what pretext should I

base my intention. 

Remaining with you is not far from a 

good example.

My tactic, again, is to be just me

Today I’m a little straightforward

Tomorrow one straight awkward.

Understanding these mean

understanding you being

articulate but sometimes not eloquent.

Frank and at other times, still frank.

Though,  I don’t know to what pretext should 

I conform to build up our stance in this

one great chance.

Knowing that we are not selling each others

backs in a flood of simulations 

and cheap concoctions of


So that we’ll not only build indestructible bridges,

and worthy smiles and tears

but avoiding an invite

for blind curtains.

However, my strategy is, 

quite relax and deep.

Though I believe I don’t 

know yet to what context or

to which pretext must it start

when you finally come

to need me.

so I know whether this strategy

complies to me when and until

you realize that

One of these days,

YOU also can love ME.


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