In solitude I’ll be waiting

Here I lie writing an escape of emotion

As I settle in this room I long of breaking free

I’m thinking of many things

Yet, none of them I take of much importance

I’ve always loved acquaintances  

 Fear that when they’re gone

I too; be lost

I hate loquacity

I’m not even convinced of this dire stupidity

 Walking alike in a gloomy wilderness

Confused of which road to partake

I’m neither the great Thespis who’s adamant in tragedy and drama

Nor Epicurus who enjoys the grandeur of pleasures

Not even Li Po who makes boats and drinks wine with the moon

Not even Shakespeare and King Arthur or any one

I’m a nobody.

But in this dark raven I’m someone who can be like them

As I slowly drift, my strength ebbs

Don’t want to lose my grip

Oh but Alas! Reject their comfort

I despise the idea of asking for their company 

I’m a pessimist.

They’ll never be happy of me

It’s the same old feeling… It has always been

True, silence is much more deafening without friendships and friends

I’ve wanted to touch them but the nearer I come the farther they go..!

Time has lost its consideration as circumstances drive them away

Emptiness and loneliness rule over   devouring me just in the nick of time

In this one solitude moment I feel my tears escaped

But don’t mind them they are but the traditional melodrama

People come and go but few remain a stain on you

Yet hope is scarce as time travels fast

So I have to play my role

to make-believe in something that never sprouts to life

Wishes and longings are fading in the air like the gentle smoke in the chimney

So in this one solitude moment I’ll be waiting!


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