My Moon

Oh! What’s with the moon I can’t resist?

Perhaps, its light that shines my sullen night?

Or is it its silver skin that coats my cold heart?

Maybe the moon itself and the stars lay upon!

O moon! , your aphrodisiac spell teases me

Warms my very soul

Makes me act like a strip-tease

I look up to you and I am relieved!

Do I have to say goodnight?

Or stay awake for the whole night?

This must be something? I guess.

Oh! But yes this is.

Oh moon!

Oh love my lover!

Spread your light and hug me tight!

This longing I keep for so long…

Cripples me and wants some more

I wonder how I ever reach you

You’re far so far away!

No matter how I stretch my arms

A hint of failure appears so strong

As the streak of light ascends at five

My hopes and dreams quickly descend

I’ll wait for another Night, we meet

For this time the sun is up above!

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