The warm wind of summer skies

There is no real reason why

I find you hard to forget as I would

Somehow I have become much—older

My heart beats hard; scarcely breathe

And there is coldness I keep resisting– even the heat of a tiny kiosk


The hill road hasn’t seemed so long before. I have no eyes for magnificent scenery this time

But the touch of those strong brown fingers

On my skin evokes uncontrollable sensations

Must we be so formal?


Gently I shake and stare with unbelieving eyes

Heart racing like a mad thing in my breast

Perhaps I too know that in love I am with you

I believe you

Softly I really am a blind creature


“I shall make you wear the veil

We will sail around the world for ever

So that I shall have you to myself always

You shall hold the key to the gate

For you already have the key to my heart, My Love.”


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