Half-dead language

The language I know is Half-dead

Unfavorable words to brief phrases all set to get lost in translation

They fly often but fly blindly

To eyes not seeing, to mouths not tasting

Still we choose, we write them

Then decide to execute them; our suspects

Either kill ’em by a click of the thumb

Or let ’em sit til they become the forgotten ones.

Translate. But do so only after the murder of the maker then proceed.

The language I know is Half-dead.

It wants to stay in the crevices, in groves and in grouts.

Half-wanting; Half-needing


The language I know is Not dead.

Dead authors; writers remain dead

For those who have perished, they stay as is

But the language I know is Not dead.

It rests, it stays dormant until some time

Authors, writers may or may not choose to distinguish,

But death can be resuscitated, and the dead can live again

Language keeps up when we..

Translate to give ’em life anew

To translate to get closer to relevance

Translation is a reincarnation; an emancipation

It is when we decide to judge the works of the past

Only then can they be regenerated.


Half-dead language, that, I used to know.


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