My answer

They ask and keep asking

What you are to me and I to you

It sounds like another puzzle too

Of two wondrous people talking

Like that of a sweet tamarind

More naked; more scented than white spaghetti and milk sauce

However, my answer hides in my head covered by oddity and intellectual arrogance

But ok. I like the little benign traps anyway

Let me think and think it well cos

This picture is a lot bigger than the ones tapping the clean wall

You are a trailblazer in the most ingenious way with you

I feel high understanding your quirks and loving them in calculated doses

Like sand over my clothes to my face and down to my heel a pillow

Innovations and ideas roll like marbles on a tiled floor

And I am the corner that catches you when you reach the farthest

You are As open as the lines and dashes in the boardroom so

I want to connect the first tail to the last then see if I miss One 

Always warm and seen in random places

Vigilant to the needs, finding solutions to challenges at hand

Unemotional and logical quite away from the Hallmark sentimentality but

Definitely glides over the magic done by the mind.

While I’m all for action, passion and war,

You are air fanning my fire, redirecting my passion and abhor war

Like an Airbender one with all other earthly elements.

How amusing the truth is– knowing

how you see your experiments to the bitter end while I unleash fire and extinguish it mid-air. 

I can see that inquisitive look 

Arising questions listing answers. 

Our search for genuine and rare discoveries drag us at the center 

Given the laws of give and take 

A good partnership can be born. 

The answer is bare

Let’s hope they can see all clear.

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