Believe as you look at the world ūüĆć

The mountains look up to the clouds waiting for a kiss on a foggy afternoon 

The soil kisses the foot of the hill for a beautiful worth 

Then the soil kisses everything around her the greens, yellows and reds all contain in one big halo 

The bird sings to the heavens and thanks the Father for when he’s home to his nest the she-bird awaits and smacks him a kiss¬†

The fountain overflows with water to all strangers so when they’re thirsty before they gulp first, they kiss the water for their desire to be quenched¬†

Even the sea nourishes whoever dives in its waters for a bountiful scenery when you give your body as its own fill and be kissed 

The moon and the night sky both have something so reassuring in their cosmic set up cos together they vow before the sea to be one and kiss before they light up the world at night 

Your hands they clasp with another hand for a dainty lil kiss on a tiresome day 

And your brain thinks about a kiss on two sweet lips before you go to bed 

Then it might be wonderful to believe 

” What are all these kissings if you and I won’t kiss and be bitter? “

Oh but Darling, the world never fails to teach us. 

Look and let’s believe our desires to be kissed..¬†

And let’s just kiss.¬†

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