One year

One year

with your hands rubbing a single black coin

and a 3D wish before the coin is slid into

your secret pocket

burns the fabric and creates a hole

as big as that of the black coin

to where your fingers warp

slowly then

one by one.

Next, your arm so long is drawn by the flow of a rainbow 

Consider your body being dragged in–

Into that glorious fantasy where there’s no collateral for a 

Reality-based drama of success and failure;

Of trial and error. 

One year with unfamiliar colleagues and unknown plots, amiable faces and fancy laughs, food and dance and a strict compliance with your personal mantra and 

The Imperative policy. 

One year never stands still as it grows you a year wiser; stronger

til your head is sucked in by the overwhelming hole magnified in your pocket as friction heats up the fringes now 

Transforming the coin to a silver nickel. 

Dates and days are ephemeral and so are the memories like weather constantly changing and charging. 

But no matter, 

One year is always a start–

of a new jump to the abyss 

To meaningful discoveries 

To significant circumstances 

To radiant friendships 

To relevant changes 

To genuine happiness. 

One year 

That’s more than just surviving 

A year of living as a human being. 

One year with you, with us.

One day, 

You’ll have a year to look back on 

A day to ponder this year’s resolve. 

This day makes your 

One year. 

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