The panic attack that kills

Danes, you’ve drunk too much caffeine

Now your mind’s everywhere

It crawls down to your spring bed

Then jumps off the window in

Suicidal state

A tranquilizer for a good night’s sleep

But none was fine indeed

No medicaments for the torture

Your brain can contain turbid

Images like whirlpool

Danes, Danes I wonder if you know

Worms are seeking for your weakness

They mean drowning you in defeat

Hype you up in panic

Irritable and anxious in a space

Where there’s nothing called a

‘panic room’

Danes, Danes cover your ears 

And don’t hear their sins 

Whispers at the back of your lobes 

Sending you dangerous roars 

Danes see the warning sign

That calls for a red alert 

It’s the panic attack that kills.


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