I don’t want to work

carlsbad-flower-fields-southern-californiaI wake up at six in the morning only to sigh deeply. 

My body moves slowly it does not seem to get out of the bed how lonely 

It is when the arms of the sun reach out for your eyes every day it appears 

The excitement has gone somewhere you’d wish it’s gone forever in your smile. 

You look at the window and pray it’s dark –not wanting to bathe and have breakfast. 

I don’t want to work it kills me as if I already know the scent of love beyond the flower field

The door likes to tempt I feel some issues are there waiting like soldiers outside they choke me so

I go out and take a walk then stand in front of the roses and white lilies to 

Light a cigarette and smoke I don’t want to work, have dinner and work even 

If it makes me fortunate like what others say because my heart is not there 

To tango with the music the office is playing for me.

I don’t want to work I only want to smoke and smoke because my life’s so full of mud 

It’s hard to get along, Amado mio.

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