Don’t just stand there

Don’t just stand there mystified

By the morning dew from last night’s

Plummeting string of rain.

Don’t just stand there doubting your own pain because it’s real and

No one is to blame.

The decision you made comes like the small plastic wrapper that remains afloat in canal waters even after it’s washed by rain.

Don’t just stand there praying to God to solve the chaos you’re in

Might as well assign them yourself and let Him rest from your sins.

Sins lie in wait in a bowl of dried apples and oranges aged by filthy wind and blasphemy. 

The house in yellow sulfur is filled with death it seems no one cared 

No plants and lights, windows cracked and broken, voices only echoed from lost people, the long chairs across the wine bar are empty, webby never cushiony.

Souls have housed in its darkness the place is haunted now you should leave. 

Don’t just stand there hoping it’s only a dream. That the stars you see beyond the hole of the kitchen roof are real. 

They’re not so don’t try to sew them like some puzzle pieces they are only meant 

To keep you and make you dark as well.

Dream a little dream of him somewhere clean and clear it’s not helpful when you’re under some evil spell.

Escape all you want but don’t mind the house’s tale you’re not a priestess in a book’s occult fair.

Think about your family their warm smiles and lovely gazes to fight against 

This monster craze. 

Don’t just stand there I don’t want you there 

Move your fingers, blink your eyes and shout all you can 

Wake up from the nightmare and leave depression that’s all there is to say.




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