You came back my old friend

Today I met an old friend from a land 58 light years away 

Like an alien he started talking moving his eyes from side to side 

He was so charged up I couldn’t blame 

He just came back from an illness he sure tried to mend 

My palm held my heart as usual it wanted to come out dry 

Jump to his so I excused my self and thought what I did was right 

I wanted an embrace but my tongue twisted like vines as if some vinegar was poured 

Hell I could cry for missing an old friend whom I dreamt was mine 

Words from the wind’s contractor, pictures of the guardian’s den, memories of the river, tales of his tears 

I’d like one from his mouth so much that my heart’s in despair 

To my old friend whom others tried to deduce

My feelings are there but it’s vessel never breaks a spell 

Once it’s broken consider it sold. 

You came back my friend.. 


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