All my life

My life is a lie 

Living in the wrong skin 

Moving in the wrong space 

Beg to people I hardly even know 

It seems my childhood has flown by

Stuck in the past I still mind 

Everyone is sick 

And I haven’t got a dose of mine 

Now holding a loose rope 

Of loosened strings 

And difficult wirings

Tell me what’s a girl got to do? 

To live it through and through? 

Or forget it so and so?

I follow the world with enough consistency 

However, the one who lives it isn’t the real me 

Masks each tear a promise 

To survive time 

But the one self inside simply just wants to die 

I’ve gone far strangely enough 

Been to some places happy 

And served few men as their deity 

But I’ve never really been to me. 

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