…ash blonde hair fabulously 

                                                   the spawn of chaos.

                                                            jet-black eyeballs, well…

                                                                                               alcohol:liver cancer

tobacco: lung cancer,

meth”am-fet’ ah-men-

             brain tumor

and sex:

i don’t care—f***

the clouds are high to sink so low

yes, oh dear every night when you booze

sniffing wild salted crystals on your skin

we let loose the demons and sorcerers so we rock n roll—

twirl your panty round my finger hell love th’ shots

won’t past the third disk dance n’ a fellatio freak

Jose cuervo tequila, Brewmeister armaggedon n’ snake venom-

yep–I had sex with the mafia! 

Down, go down til you crawl..

scream for your life you’ one insane slut in this drug trade lust.


I doubt if any one be a close when you’re stuck in a rut–

          hey miss you fool don’t kill the newborn 

to take breast milk residue from her mom’s rare poison.

sex is economy with uncle pedophile n’ Daddy Jones his lord-

Money magic is a magnet to tinder match stick heads with devilish smirks of all social forms; lighted by  a padrone

                                                  inside his matchbox hull.

How much is a life ? —go name your price-

                   to bury the ancient bones; or hide your soul’s skeleton over one silver coin and 

a jacket of ‘Judas’ —to your name?

I skinned a man and a black cat !  

I buried them below the small table

                                                      in front of the furnace;

underneath the rug–no one saw —

you should know.

If a word is said ssssshhhh…

i hear small sounds of your fear–..hussshhh…or

                                                                        this 45 caliber will be a rapid machine-gun fire!
















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